Sunday, November 22, 2015


Taught myself to knit.. so when I run across something that teaches me how to fix one of my trouble areas.. I love to share..

Found this link via Pinterest.. can't wait to try it ..

It is all about color changes and other uses..  

Just a bit on the clingy side..

This is what happens when I crochet on a project in which Lucy can't snuggle with me and her daddy isn't home to snuggle...

So why couldn't she snuggle... here a picture of part of the chart I'm working in single crochet. .when finished it will be a twin size bed spread..

Friday, November 20, 2015

Once More...

Tried blogging only a few hundred times before...find it laughable that here I go again..  trying once again... the reason behind this try is different than before.. or so I've told myself.. Nope not going to go into that reason.. it is personal, Make me think of myself as a total pain in the tush too.. but there you have it.

I won't blather on about this and that and the other..  facts are I am a hobby crafter.. That well does a few crafts well.. and some terribly and I am still going to show it all off here.. My poor family and friends are most like tired of seeing it all on Facebook..

What you might see here
  • Pictures of my pets
  • Pictures of my WIP (works in progress)
  • Pictures of my finished (most likely unblocked crafts)
  • Pictures of Yarn.. I love yarn!

What you won't see here

  • Me replying to comments..if they get rude.. I will just turn them off
  • Me two cents on all that stir the pot stuff... need I say more.. Not stirring the pot here
  • Nothing about my family, My kids are adult and grown and wish to keep their lives private..
  • Sorry I don't just jump into goggle circles, FB friends, tweet or any of that with anyone other than family or close friends...

I am sorry I don't and won't make anything for anyone outside of family..  knowing myself.. the moment I start making things for money.. the joy of creating is gone..  Sorry it just isn't worth the loss of my sanity..

Think this is mainly to help me keep track of life and memory.. I am losing track of days.. they all seem to run over into each other. The worry of early Alzheimer's flips my wig... maybe this will help me get out of my fuzzy brain and clear out some of the cobwebs...

 What is a cobweb and where did the word come from??

noun: cobweb; plural noun: cobwebs
  1. a spider's web, especially when old and covered with dust.
    • Zoology
      a tangled three-dimensional spider's web.
    • something resembling a cobweb in delicacy or intricacy.

      "white cobwebs of frost"
Middle English coppeweb, copweb, from obsolete coppe ‘spider’ + web
copied and pasted from a google search.. 

Lucy, the bulldog is snuggled ups on the bed with me and is snoring away. and it will take me forever to move her.... so no more random brain farts.. I must get ready to go.. Ta